• Tiny Girlfriend’s Birth Story

    From the moment I got a positive pregnancy test, I began to dream about what my child’s Birth Experience would be like. I began reading everything I could get my hands on- with the clear goal of having an unmedicated birth. I sat on an exercise ball every day, for as long as possible. If -more-

  • I’ll Keep You Safe, I’ll Keep You Dry

    Pregnancy is such a strange and beautiful process. For 40 weeks, you give up your body for the sake of someone else, allowing them to take whatever they need to start their life. With each week that passes, and each milestone you hit, there is a sigh of relief: you’re one step closer to meeting -more-

  • A Season of Surrender

    Well hey there! For the past few years, my life has been a chaotic swirl of going going going and a constantly packed calendar that was a maze of scribbled out tasks and arrows directing to where they would go if they weren’t completed in a day. Then, as if by some mystical force, it -more-

  • What a Welch MBA Gets You

    A Reflection on Greatness, Humility & Success By: Shannon Kaschak Nearly a decade ago, I walked into Management 101 with a red book in one hand and black and white composition notebook in the other. My professor was video conferenced in from Austria, and I sat down beyond confused by what was happening: why didn’t -more-

  • And Ode to The Changing Table

    I have been a big sister for a lot of years. In fact, I consider myself very lucky to have had siblings that are 6 and 7 years younger than me. It was like having a living baby doll, and my sister right below me and I had so much fun dressing them up and -more-

  • Smash The Snow Globe

    Honestly, not even gonna lie to you- the Monday following a retreat is actually the worst kind of day you will every encounter. As a kid, it usually means you didn’t shower for a whole weekend and ate too many Doritos and now have to go sit in a desk all day and listen to -more-

  • On Transitions Big & Small

    Hey there friend. It’s been a while, and for that I am sorry. The past few months have flown by without me even realizing it, and I can’t really even begin to fathom where the time has gone. My life has been one giant series of transitions. I am about to no longer be a -more-

  • A Seemingly Insurmountable Five Minutes

    Hey There Friend! How are you doing? Gosh it’s been a long time since I’ve stopped by this neck of the woods. I really miss being here, and always have these great plans to get back on my schedule. And then you know what happens? I have a paper to write. Or I run out -more-

  • Hello, Dreary Winter. Nice To See You Again.

    It’s officially winter, my least favorite time of year. Hours of sunlight dwindle and temperatures drop to levels that people like me with circulation issues do not tolerate very well. The air smells cold, and my eyes tear up when I step out my front door. The fun parts of winter are over. Gone are -more-

  • 2019: The Year of the Simple Resolution

    Today is the day! The day that the new calendars are busted open, empty pages just waiting to be filled with all of the new dreams, plans and adventures ahead. Today is the day we scribble down lists of our hopes and dreams, things we want to eliminate and things we want to be better -more-