Welcome to Holy Week

March 26, 2018

Wow. Palm Sunday is always an incredible up and down of emotions for me. As I listen to the readings and watch the gospel unfold, I begin to see how my life follows the events on a regular basis.

When things are good I praise Him, welcoming Him into my life.

When things are bad, I turn my back on Him- no He is not the one that has done such good for me.

I deny knowing Him when I want to have the courage to  say otherwise.

I stand in the crowd and yell crucify Him when I choose myself over an ultimate good.

How many times have I shook my fists at the sky these past three months shouting from the depths of my soul: MY GOD MY GOD, WHY HAVE YOU ABANDONED ME. Father let this cup pass from me. I am done. I cant possibly handle any more. Please. Make it stop.

But Jesus follows this sentence with one that I always forget to utter as I grovel in despair: not my will, but yours be done.

See? I toldya. All. Of. The. Feels.

Friends, as we enter holy week together, let us continue to strive to live a life of abundance.

I am sure you are only too excited to stop seeing these posts. We can go back to our regularly schedule programming of why my new face wash is just awesome. Or how I had to go back to my old school planner because my brain is like hardwired to only work a specific way.

But bear with me for just one more week.

Here’s a cute reminder as we approach these holiest of days to continually cry out: not my will, but yours be done.



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