Day 26: The Believe and Leave

March 13, 2018

“The man believed what Jesus said to him and left.” (John 4:50)

Wait I’m sorry… what?!

The man believed what Jesus said and left. 

Let’s go back to the rest of the story though because this gets even more wild!

The man’s son is very sick, and is probably going to die. He begs Jesus to heal his son, and Jesus says go he is healed. And this dude just believed it. 

*inserts astonished Dean Winchester GIF here.*

If I could even have a fraction of an ounce of this trust my life would be far more rich than it already is.

All of the times I have trusted in His plan and followed His direction, I have been happy, calm and at peace. All of the times I have held on with a vice grip to my plan of attack I have been miserable, tired and lonely.

I am seeing a trend here…

But why do I keep reverting to the way of choosing my way over His way? I want to have some big awesome answer for you. But the truth is? I actually don’t know beyond the fact that I am somewhat of a perfectionist, and that I like to be in control of my life.

But what freedom there is in the idea of not having to have everything right and figured out. What peace there is in being where my feet are, and living my best life that I am supposed to be living right now. What joy there is in knowing I am following the path created for me before all time.

I do not need to keep up with anyone around me. I do not need to find my value in what the world says is valuable.

All I need to do is trust that He will make it right.

And if He will make it right, then I have nothing to fear.


I am making these sneakers have a come back. It’s gonna happen. 

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