Day 25: “Good is The Enemy of Great” (Jim Collins)

March 12, 2018

“Let My tongue be silenced, if ever I forget you.” (Psalm 137)

I played a mass at a new church today. I spent a lot of time with this psalm, trying to find the perfect chord progression to sing the “refrain” and then chant the verses.

Gonna be honest here- seems like a scary prayer to be saying over and over. If I forget you, make it so I can never speak again.

Wait What?! This sounds like a bad plan.

But how often I forget what He has in store for me.

A dear friend of mine introduced me to the Marian Virtues. Ever since we were roommates in college, we have picked one virtue a week to focus on, and try learn more about and how to be more like Mary in our day to day lives.

This week I really felt that I wanted to be focusing on remembering Him more. As I was looking through the virtues, I stumbled across Lively Faith, and saw it from a a new perspective.

Lively Faith: Always seeking the will of God and never settling for complacency.

How easy it is to forget God and His plan when my plan seems so good. But why would I settle for good when I could have greatness? Why settle for mediocre, when I could be living abundantly? Why would I choose complacency when I could choose absolute joy?

This week, I am really going to try to focus on the saying yes to His plan, and seeing the greatness that lies within that plan, rather than the okayness of my own plans.


New to the Marian Virtues? Click here for an amazing list of them. I keep this up on my iPhone permanently so I can always refer back to it. You should totally check it out!



(SIDEBAR: when did my hair get this long?!)

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