Day 17: Carry On My Wayward Son

March 3, 2018

Today’s gospel is one of my favorite. The story of the prodigal  son. Do you know what the word prodigal means? It means to lavish.

This kid. He takes his half of the inheritance and spends it all. Then he has no money and realizes he has messed up. So he gets a job and wants to eat the gruel he is feeding the pigs. Then… BAZINGA! What if he could go back to his dad and ask if he could be treated like a servant?!

You know what happens though? The father lavishes love upon his wayward son. The father runs to his son and embraces him. He clothes his son with the finest robe and puts rings on his fingers. He slaughters a fattened calf and prepares a giant party for his son whom he has missed so much.

Say What?! 

This is by far the most unpredictable outcome I ever could have imagined. And yet, this is how the story reads. The son asked for forgiveness and was lavished with love.

This is how our heavenly father views us each time we return to him. No matter how far we have gone, if we turn back to Him, he will lavish us with love.

I went to confession for the first time in three months (#pagan) and as I cried deep and healing tears my priest friend said to me: Lady, you know that He loves you. You know that these are lies you are believing. Turn to Him. You are worthy of love.


You are worthy of love. Each and every one of you reading this are worthy of love, and have a Father who wants to lavish that love upon you.

Do not forget it.

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