Day 16: Mind Blown

March 2, 2018

“Remember the Marvels the Lord has done”

These readings are getting more and more intense. They are pointing us to the reality that our sin is what is going to put Jesus on the cross.

They aren’t even thinly veiled any more. A father sent people to help. They killed them. That father sent his son thinking that would work. They killed him. Knife to the heart my goodness.

Through it all though, God is doing terribly wonderful things. He became man, and offered himself to us to offer us a chance at heaven. What kind of person offers to allow humanity to kill him? Seems pretty insane to me.

But it happened. Straight up happened. God loved us so much that He gives us Himself.

As I prepare for Convivio, I am remembering the Marvel of a God that could love me and you this much.

Stay tuned for a Convivio Update soon!

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