Day 9: My Soul Trusts in His Word

February 23, 2018

“I trust in the Lord; my soul trusts in His word.” (Psalm 130)

Man this whole lent has been a lesson in learning how to trust. I’ve realized that I really do not trust God or His plan for me.

It is so much easier to just have my own plan and to forge ahead, hitting all of the milestones I have set for myself.

And yet time and time again I come up empty handed. Feeling sad and upset that nothing is really working according to my plan, and that I just can’t catch a break.

But when I pause to think about this situation… I realize that I am probably having negative feelings because I am not trusting in His plan, or waiting on His timing.

I know what you’re thinking… EUREKA! She’s figured it out. Except… maybe not.

I know I should trust in Him. But I really really don’t. And typically… I don’t want to because trusting Him means letting go of the control that I for some reason think I have.

I am trying to work on this each day though. Maybe someday when I reach the pearly gates I will finally be able to say those three words.

I Trust You.

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