Day 8: Reality Has Never Betrayed Me

February 22, 2018

“He said to them ‘Who do you say that I am?’ ” (Matthew 16:15)

As I read this, this is such a deeply personal question. I can almost see Him looking directly into my eyes and asking me this very question.

I have canned Sunday School responses that would make me look like a really good catholic. You are my savior. My redeemer. My friend.

But I see Jesus calling BS on these answers. So really, who do I say that He is?

Jesus is my punching bag. When things are going wrong, I run to him and in with a childlike temper tantrum I throw punch after angry punch. Why me? When will things go my way? Why aren’t you listening to me?

Jesus is my biggest challenge. How do you expect me to sit here quietly and wait upon you LORD. I can barely sit quietly for 5 minutes during Grey’s Anatomy and you want me to sit here and wait upon you?!

Jesus is reality. And if I believe this (I better believe this- it is my life motto after all), then I know that reality has never betrayed me. Even when it seems like I can’t move one more step. When I am tired and weary. When I am left with more questions than answers. Reality has never betrayed me. Jesus has never betrayed me.

In the delicate balance of life, Jesus holds me, helps me and guides me. Never leading me astray and never letting go.


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