The Lent Project 2018

February 12, 2018

Hey There Friends!

Lent is upon us and I feel like I am just not ready. Wasn’t it just advent?!

This past advent helped to prepare my heart for the endless possibilities this new year could hold. But I start to shudder thinking about Lent.

Ever since college, Lent has been a deep, dark time of self reflection and growth. But every single year, these 40 days have ultimately left me healed of some wound in my soul I just didn’t realize was there.

These big changes in my life started when I stopped giving up chocolate and Facebook (classic Shannon) or lemonade (guys, do you know how much I used to love Lemonade?! I am giving 8 year old Shannon big ups for that one because MAN that was tough). Instead, I started giving up something much more valuable to me.

I gave up my time.

One year it was getting up a half hour earlier to make sure I made my bed, ate breakfast and prayed. One year I added in extra mass during the week. One year I added a holy hour each week and one year I said all four mysteries of the rosary every day (oh to be in Europe and carefree again!).

During each of  these Lenten seasons my life was changed radically.

The Advent Project was an amazing exercise in self discipline and taught me the value of spending a little bit of time each day in prayer and meditation.

But I need to be honest here- The Lent Project, just cannot look the same as The Advent Project. The Full Pursuit is a way to find goodness, truth and beauty in the every day encounters that we have. So while I cannot commit to recording 40 songs this season to reflect on the readings, I am going to pursue beauty in a different way.

Each day, I am going to post one photo, and how it relates to my prayer and meditation for the day. How many of us post to Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat regularly anyways? Why not build a newsfeed that showcases the real, the true and the beautiful during this lenten season?

In addition to posting a picture each day, I will be using the always lovely Blessed Is She Lenten Journal, which is called “She Who Believed” this year. I will also be cleaning my house each night, so that when I wake up the following morning  I have time for my meditation!

Want to join me? If you decide to try out the 2018 Lent Challenge, drop a line and let me know! Tag @thefullpursuit in your photo and/ or use the hashtag #TFPlent. I would love to see how you’re making your lent real, full and lovely!


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