Creating Peace in Life

February 6, 2018

At New Years, I made a promise to myself that my New Year’s Resolution was going to be to treat myself better and to relish in all of the good things that I had accomplished each day.

So here’s an update:

Since January 1, 2018, I have worked out exactly one time, have eaten sweet potato fries at least twice a week, and developed a seltzer problem (I’m looking at you Polar Grapefruit).

So… I’d say its going pretty okay.

But looking back at the first month of the year, I realized that I have developed one habit that has really helped to make my days more peaceful and help me to start off on the right foot.

This is going to seem really simple here… something you learn about in 5th or 6th grade. I started taking vitamins, and making the time to wash my face twice a day. Definitely not rocket science =p.

I recently was introduced to some really incredible products that I am totally loving. Have you ever heard of Beautycounter? If not, you should totally give them a look. They follow much stricter rules for what they put in their products, and honestly? They seem like tiny miracles in a bottle to me. Click HERE to learn more about these incredible products!

My skin has never looked better! Putting gentle and effective products on my body has done wonders towards healing my dry skin, stopping psoriasis break outs and most importantly: helping me to slow down.

Washing my face and putting on moisturizer only takes 2 minutes. The same amount of time it takes me to brush my teeth. But I go to bed, or go to work feeling like a new woman every single day.

As this second month of the year progresses, and lent comes closer I am really trying to focus on taking the extra moments to create peace in my life.

Right now this looks like washing my face twice a day and remembering to take my vitamins before bed. I am going to start making sure I tidy up each night before bed for lent. These things don’t take that long, but they make my day better.

And so I am renewing my New Year’s Resolution to treat myself better by creating peace in my life.

Peace in my life, means I can Be Where My Feet Are and enjoy the current moment.

And that, brings joy.

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