Dear Twenty-Something

Tell Him Your Plans

January 20, 2018

20 January 2018

“All I have seen teaches me to trust the Creator for all I have not seen.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Dear Twenty- Something,

Remember 5 years ago when you laughed at the idea of the quarter life crisis? You thought you had your life under control and the plan you had laid out ahead of you was golden.

Let me share one of my favorite phrases with you: “Want to see God laugh? Tell Him your plans.”

Welp… what goes around, comes around sweetheart.

Just when you tell God that you are willing to trust Him and His plan, and you are okay not knowing the details…. He will take you up on that.

In the moments that follow, when you are scared and wondering what the hell you just did, keep telling yourself to seek out the peace you felt in that initial yes.

He will come through. He will make your wildest dreams come true. He will pave the way.

If faith the size of a mustard seed moves mountains, then let your trust be 10x the size of that.

A deep and unrelenting trust. No matter how scared you are- keep saying yes. Keep telling Him you trust him. If you can find this trust, you will find the tiniest bit of faith, and He will make straight your path.



P.S. Read this again when you’re 37 and you think that 50 won’t hold some massive change in your life. Mid-Life crises is probably just as real as quarter life crisis.

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