Life: Interrupted

January 17, 2018

What a crazy weekend that turned out to be. I had awesome plans of writing about how grad school is going and giving you the update. Death Class is trudging along. That’s about all I’ve got for ya.

Last week, I looked at Sean and told him he should think about going out to Seattle to see our friend this upcoming weekend.He looked at me like I had grown three heads… then decided it wasn’t a bad idea.

Lo and Behold, the permanent room mate was off on a massive adventure, and I was settling in for a weekend full of catching up on chores, Meeting for Convivio, The Handmaid’s Tale and 48 accounting ratios that would probably find me sobbing into my spreadsheet.

Apparently there were other plans for my weekend. My meetings went well, I watched the entire first season of Handmaid, and I have more clean underwear than I know what to do with. Somewhere in there the corner of my eye started to hurt. I didn’t really think too much of it. I went about my business, but woke up to a very swollen eye on Sunday morning. I went to a walk in clinic thinking I knew what was wrong. I walked out with an antihistamine drop and called it a day.

Things went down hill quickly, and after a quick trip to the ER for some IV antibiotics, the grad school post just wasn’t happening. I saw an incredibly kind ophthalmologist today, and I am officially on the mend.

The permanent roommate made it home, laden with special coffee that can only be found at The Starbucks Roastery, and a really neat addition to my mug collection (okay well two if you count the gorgeous travel mug… le swoon!). I am looking forward to this upcoming weekend- to sift through those ratios, eat my weight in yogurt to reset my stomach, and relax with Sean while watching some of the footage from his trip.

Stay tuned for a death class update soon. Also totally can’t wait for The Handmaid’s Tale to come out with season two. That cliff hanger though!

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