Dear Twenty-Something

Just Be

January 5, 2018

5 January 2018

“I live my life in growing orbits which move out over this wondrous world, I am circling around God, around ancient towers and i have been circling for a thousand years. And I still don’t know if I am an eagle or a storm or a great song.”- Ranier Maria Rilke

Dear Twenty- Something,

On a dreamy night filled with bubbles and dancing, the ideas of a fresh start seem to invigorate the soul, begging you just to take the plunge into being the best.

But then the glitz and the glamour of the new year wears off. And all of a sudden you are left with these commitments you have made, even though you only whispered them to yourself.

Stay strong, dear heart. Courage is what you need. The idea of just being is far more important than the idea of being perfect.

It’s 100% okay to not have it all figured out and to not know what you are in this great big life that you are adventuring through.

Commit to learning to love yourself this year.

Be kind to your body. Stop criticizing it. It is okay to want to make changes, but you should really respect this body that allows you to live your life.

Nourish your soul. Take a few moments each day to just be. Not everyone has the luxury, and a few moments to grow and reflect are something that should not be wasted.

Do one thing that is only for you each and every day. Get the manicure. Drink the extra cup of coffee. Take the time to wash your face with the fancy lotion. Whatever it is, just do it out of love for yourself.

Learn how to say no. I hear this is an important skill to learn before your 30’s. I am pretty bad at this one, but I am going to try to be better about it.

Watch the TV Show. Sometimes, it really is okay to watch two or three episodes in a row. It won’t kill you.

Eat the dark chocolate. All that rabbit food will get old eventually.

Even if you don’t know what it means, just learn how to be this year.

Cheers to a peace filled, soul searching 2018. May we all figure out this weird decade together.



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