Day 22: Away In A Manger

December 24, 2017

The fourth and final time! My favorite gospel! Are you tired of hearing about it yet?

Today is a funny day for the liturgical year. It is both the fourth Sunday of advent, and Christmas Eve. As a child, Christmas Eve was filled with music and movies and in general extreme excitement! Santa was coming and we had to be ready!

But as I read the gospel for this morning’s mass, it hit me differently than it has the past three times I have read it this month.

Mary said yes without counting the cost. She had no idea what was in store for her- just that her child would bring about salvation.

As an adult, Christmas Eve takes on a different meaning. I am reflecting today on Mary’s journey to Bethlehem. She has already taken on so much responsibility for someone so young, and she was probably in labor as she rode that donkey through the country side. I have never been in labor, but something tells me that riding a donkey while having contractions is highly unpleasant… I digress.

Than they couldn’t find a place for Mary to give birth to the savior of the universe. Ummmm Hello?! Savior of the universe here. No one can find a bed for this Woman to give birth to the savior of the universe?! Thats cool world. I see you.

And then, Mary gives birth to this savior in a stable. I don’t know about you, but I just would not be okay with that. But Mary had given her full and complete yes so many months ago. Even with all those unknowns, she said yes. She said yes to an uncomfortable birth place. She said yes to raising a small boy who would go on to move mountains. She said yes to the greatest sorrow a parent will ever face, multiplied 100 fold. She said yes.

As advent comes to a close, I am hoping more than ever that I can learn how to give a complete and utter yes.

Today’s song is an old classic, mixed by the permanent roommate. He had a great vision for it, and I am so excited for you all to get to hear it. I hope it gives you a few minutes to pause and remember Mary’s yes on this final day of advent.


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