Day 20: Because You’re With Me, I Will Not Fear

December 22, 2017

Today’s psalm is a wonderful way to usher in Christmas. “My heart exults in the Lord, my Savior.” (Psalm 1 SM 2)

Today has been a crazy day! Between helping my mom to wrap presents, and helping my sister to finish her shopping I am already exhausted and it’s only 5:40.

I haven’t cooked dinner. I haven’t packed up anything I need for Christmas weekend. I bought a Tom Clancy book for my kindle.

There it is people. I have become my father after all. Tom Clancy. 500 pages about a submarine. Here we go!

With all the craziness that today has been, I had completely forgotten the promise I had made to myself earlier this morning to let me every action magnify the greatness of the Lord.

I had such great plans- I was going to calmly work my way through the gifts and then clean my house for a friend who may be stopping by tonite and then make a nice dinner and pack a weekender. In all that calmness I was going to reflect on the ways that the Lord has changed my heart and made me a better person this advent, and thank Him for those graces.

I actually didn’t do that at all. I cruised through present wrapping and made a list of all the things we still wanted to find to finish the gifts then raced out the door on to the next part of my day.

This rushing is actually pretty typical of my life. I always say I want to stop rushing… and then I always find myself rushing. In those moments I sometimes forget to just breathe and be in the moment; to clear my head. I get more and more frazzled until it seems like I won’t accomplish anything and I start to shut down.

Today’s song turned out to be more poignant than I had anticipated. My safe Refuge, because You’re with me, I will not fear. I only wish I had stopped to listen to the song sooner today to be reminded of the fact that God is with me every step of the way. I wish I had paused to remember that everything always gets done somehow, and I just need to keep turning back to Him.

I hope it gives you a brief moment of peace in what is probably a really hectic last few days before Christmas.


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