Day 18: Blessed Are You Among Women

December 20, 2017

Another reason I love advent and Christmas time so much, is that I get to learn more about Mary. Each time I reread this gospel of Luke I find something new to be amazed by. Her gentle strength and overall calmness never cease to amaze me.

I am what you would call… a spoiled brat of Momma Mary’s. It’s probably unfair to Jesus, but I know that he is the perfect son and listens to His mother when she asks Him to do something. So I… like most of us less than perfect children, go to momma to see if she can ask for the big favors for me.

Honestly it’s because more often than not, I don’t want to receive a no. NOT that this desire has stopped me from receiving no as an answer to a prayer.

When I was studying abroad, I was praying all four mysteries of the rosary every day (oh to be young and have four day weekends and not a care in the world again… le sigh), and I was asking Mary to ask Jesus to help me to someday find a husband who was good and strong and the right fit for me, because I knew that I would be best serving Him if I was someday married (a post for another day!).

I had just broken up with my boyfriend of two years, and was somberly wandering the cobble stone streets of Auschwitz when I decided I was going to take up this practice.

I stayed for another semester in Austria and kept this up. As an RA, it made duty nights far easier- when you are walking up and down the corridors in the wee hours of the morning, having a set of mysteries to say made the night fly by.

As fate would have it, I met another guy that semester. We had an awesome four months together, but it would turn out that it wasn’t going to work long term.

I was hurting during that break up- man did that suck. 365 days of four decades of the rosary a day and that happened.

So I did what I knew best how to do- I went back to that peaceful prayer, the one that had become a lullaby to my soul. Hail Mary, full of grace the Lord is with thee… 

I fought the healing. And then I met this guy at a show, at a bar in Cleveland. And I wanted nothing to do with men. I thought for sure they were the worst (joke’s on me!). We spent way too many late nights comparing favorites, playing 20 questions and just talking about life. Nearly 2 years later I was standing at the altar promising in sickness and in health to this goodstrong, and perfect for me man. 2 years later I still love him as much as the day I found out he loved John Hughes movies as much as I did.

Even though it took longer than I would have thought, Mary softened the blow of that wait for me, the way any mother does for her child. She brought my prayers when they were strong, when they were weak, when they were desolate, to her Son and then held me in her arms with the gentle strength that calmed my weary heart.

Today’s song is that sweet, sweet prayer that has carried me through so much. I hope it gives you the strength to persevere today.


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