Day 12: What Could Separate Us Now

December 14, 2017

“The Lord is good to all, and compassionate towards all His works.” (Psalm 145)

This whole psalm is so beautiful. I could have picked any single line to focus on today, but for this day, this is the line that speaks comfort to my soul.

I have been dreading this day since I committed to The Advent Project. On December 14th, I keep my television turned off. I post a one line quote about love, or light overcoming the darkness, and then I put my phone down for the remainder of the day.

The raw, gut-wrenching emotions of this day are too much for me to handle.

But sometimes stepping out of our comfort zones is a necessary step in growth and healing.

5 years ago my life was changed forever. 5 years ago, I witnessed a darkness and pain I didn’t know truly existed in this world. 5 years ago the Norman Rockwell esque snow globe that was my town was shattered into a million tiny pieces.

In the days and weeks that followed, it would have been easy to abandon all hope. It would have been easy to decide that God wasn’t really good or loving, after all. It would have been easy to turn away from the baby in the manger, scoffing at the idea of innocence.

But in the days and weeks that followed, I learned that community runs deep. Not only amongst the people that lived in SandyHook and Newtown, but from across the country. That love is louder than hate. That the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness cannot overcome it. I learned a lot about forgiveness in those days. I am still shocked at the capacity to forgive.

In the years that have passed,  I look back and am grateful to have not given up hope, or to have turned my back on the Christ child awaiting me a mere 10 days later. To this day the compassion that is given to each of us from God, through His people astounds me. We have never moved on from that day five years ago. But we have learned to carry on- becoming a living witness to the joy, hope and innocence of each of those sweet children lost that day.

Today my prayer has to be simple. It is all I can muster: Jesus. But how powerful the name of Jesus is. As you move through this day, know that nothing can separate us from the love of  Christ. His compassion is so great, that he meets us in our darkest hour and joins us in the mess. Jesus. Jesus. Jesus.

I hope this song helps you to seek solace in His name today.

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