Day 10: I Have Called You Each By Name

December 13, 2017

This is an awesome season. My favorite gospel reading is read mulitple times, giving me ample time to reflect on it.

For those of you just tuning in, my favorite gospel is the story of the annunciation- when the angel Gabriel tells Mary that she will be the mother of God, and even though she is somewhat afraid, she says yes to this really big adventure anyways. Okay that was a really rough summary of Luke 1: 26-38 but… you get the idea =p.


Today, I tried to look at this gospel from a different angle. What would I have felt like if all of a sudden an angel appeared out of nowhere and gave me life altering news? In the silence of meditation this morning, I realized I would have been terrified and probably would have been questioning where God was in my life.

How often I do that anyways. A few weeks ago, my advisor told me that I was teed up to take the most labor intensive courses of the entire MBA program between the months of January and June. This was not a part of my plan. I was going to take an elective, and then next year take these two classes, spaced generously across the fall and the spring, not crammed into spring and late spring.

I found myself asking God: where are you? Did you forget about me? What about my plan? Is all my hard work not good enough? Hello? Can you hear me? ANSWER ME!

So many tears followed that prayer. My plan was down the crapper. But I had finally done it. I made it to the classes so many people had thought I wouldn’t make it to. Talk about conflicted.

But as I signed up for the class and slowly came to terms with the idea of the hardest trimesters of my life happening far sooner than I had planned for, I knew that there was a reason for it all. He hadn’t forgotten me. He was there in my darkest moments. In my tears of despair. In my tears of rejoicing. He knew me and He knew every thread of the tapestry of my life. He knew each moment of tribulation I would have to go through. He knew me through each moment of triumph that would be around the corner. He knew I would want to give up. He knew I would fight to prove them wrong. He Knew Me. 

Today’s song talks about that relationship we have with God. Whether we feel it or not, He knows us better than we know ourselves. He knows the number of hairs on our heads, and He is coming to remind us: Do not be afraid. I hope this song brings you peace and comfort in the knowledge that you are loved, no, cherished, by the God of the universe. He calls you by name.  He has a beautiful plan for your life, and wants to lead you back to Him through that plan that only He knows fully.

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