Day 8: Prepare the Way of the Lord

December 10, 2017

Today’s gospel always makes me laugh. Here’s this dude, standing in the middle of the river, wearing a furry vest (at least this is how I picture it), and eating bugs crying out “Prepare the Way of the Lord!”. (Mark 1:1-8)

Why in the world is this crazy dude the way that Jesus wants to be ushered into this world?

But these words are a stark reminder of the way I am supposed to be living my life. Bold. Unafraid. Preparing the way of the Lord with every aspect of my life.

This story kind of gives me hope. I am a pretty crazy person. I try to live a bold and unapologetic life, seeking adventure at every turn. Music. Hiking. National Parks. Travel. Hand Lettering. Grad School. Holy Hour. Friendship. Community.

If God could use a man who eats bugs to prepare His way, surely he can use someone like me too. As we enter into this second week of advent, I am going to try to really focus on letting his light shine through me to welcome others into this beautiful season also.

Todays song is simple and sweet. I hope as you listen to it, you know that you are a part of the bigger plan. He wants you to help prepare the way as well. Say yes with me this week! Say yes to letting Him shine through you during this advent season.


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