Day 3: It’s Who You Are

December 5, 2017

Today’s gospel reminds us to remain child like in our faith (Luke 10:21-24).

This is an important term. To be childish, and throw myself face down on the ground and have a tantrum every time I feel that my prayers have gone unanswered would be silly. I mean…. don’t get me wrong here. I have done it. Relentlessly annoying God by demanding things work right this second, just the way I want them to.

But to have child like faith is to know that there is a good Father above that loves me enough to give me everything I need. Not always what I want. But always what I need.

This song always helps me to remember that He is good, and that I am loved. I hope as you listen to it today, you can feel that overwhelming sense of peace that comes in knowing that His plan is perfect, and will always work out for our good.


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