Pressing Pause: The Here and Now

October 6, 2017

Wow. What a week. I cannot believe it is already Friday for SO many reasons, not the least of which is I have a major presentation due tomorrow that I am… still thinking about?

All kidding aside. Tonite should be a fun night… Between scheduling emails, running errands and tyring to catch up on three (you read that right) weeks of laundry (I can’t believe I am admitting that), the Amazon/ Whole Foods Acquisition has just been the very last thing on my mind.

The good news? I can talk about it for 7 minutes after reading a couple articles.

The bad news? I need to only talk about it for 5 minutes leaving time for question and answer… which means I’ll actually have to plan for this. Which kills my juju. I kid. I don’t have juju… I just like to do things extemporaneously and flow naturally.

Ces’t la vie, am I right?

I have been taking time out of each day to read the bible, and have started going to a women’s bible study called Walking With Purpose.  For an hour and a half I get to hang out with women I never would have thought to be with, and we get to talk about our Encounter with Christ.

Taking the time each day to do the readings and the lesson has given me the benefit of realizing that I do better work when I am not constantly go go going. Starting my day off with 15 minutes of prayer where I don’t think of anything but the questions being asked of me really sets the tone beautifully, and helps to remind me that sometimes, pressing pause and focusing on the now is all I really need to do.

Tonite I will see my friends for the first time in ages. We are going to Applebees (you know… keeping it as classy as a bunch of grad student, full time working, wedding planning gals can) and I am going to put all thoughts of the presentation looming ahead of me this night aside, and just enjoy their presence.

How do you press pause? I would love to know, because I need to learn how to do it more often.

Photo Credit: Megan Baylis.


***shout out to Steph Sanchez! Hope to see you soon lady :)***

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