Deconstructed Thoughts: Welcome to The Full Pursuit

September 27, 2017

And Here… We…..Go!

I have been waiting and waiting and waiting some more to share this with the world. I have wanted it to be perfect and lovely and whole, and every time I get ready to share, I stop myself and say: maybe just a little longer. If I just wait a few more months I will have more time to make it perfect. I will have more time to convert those journal entries into blog posts to fill the gaps.

I will have more time.

But Reality is, as reality is. I will never have more time. And life isn’t perfect.

So, welcome to The Full Pursuit. I hope that somewhere in these rambling thoughts, and bits and pieces of my heart you can find the courage to seek beauty and truth everywhere you go.

Make it Real. Make it Full. Make it Lovely.


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