Succulent Love

May 6, 2017

What a juicy title! 

But don’t be fooled. For so long I have wanted a tiny cactus to call my own. My husband has informed me that his aunt once had a cactus that moved all on its own due to the fact that it had 1000s of spider eggs in it that were about to hatch. She apparently lit it on fire (I gotta ask her for confirmation!) and all those spiders came crawling out. Thus, I do not yet own a cactus.

BUT! Today, I bought a succulent. A tiny, waxy nearly indestructible plant, and my soul is SO very happy! I find these tiny, hard plants to be so attractive. They can withstand almost anything and they just keep going.

I want to be like this small plant; hardy, stable and relentless.

This little guy reminds me to be like that each and every day.

What reminds you to keep pressing forward each day?

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