We Belong Awake

April 10, 2017

Holy cow. I hadn’t been to Toad’s Place for many years, but when I saw my favorite musician would be playing there, I bought the tickets six months in advance, and started the countdown.

My most formative years have been (and still are if I’m being honest) totally shaped by Andrew McMahon. As a young, rebellious kid in dark and scary clothes- he gave me a space to scream along with him to get rid of my frustration. In those strange shadow years of college when you’re not quite an adult, but not quite a kid- he was my refuge for all the big feelings that come along with that phase. And as a young adult who is supposed to have her act together, he soothes my soul when nothing is going right.

So down to Toads Place we went. And in that crowd, I saw people in each of those phases. And for just a couple ours, we all sang along together, all of our hearts melding into one giant safe space of love and acceptance.

His show was amazing. As always, the words spoke to our souls. We had an awesome time and the set list from that show is about to adorn my wall.

Do you have anyone that just inspires the heck out of you?

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