Grad School Update II

April 3, 2017

In tonite’s episode of The Grad School Update, we come to tell you about Shannon’s next course. Spring semester ended with a bang and she’s signed up for Leading and Influencing with Integrity.

All kidding aside- with each letter A grade I claw my way up another level and move one step closer to finishing this degree.

In other news, there’s still no parking. Ever. And the email world is still practically non existent. I did finally get a new advisor and she is a total doll. I look forward to continuing the program under her guidance.

Thanking God today for the kindle app, and the ability to save $200.00 on a textbook. Modern technology is a wonderful thing! Ironically, I still use a Moleskine notebook and nearly typewriter font to take notes. The computer is too distracting.

Any of you still students? How do you do notes these days?

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