Faith as Feelings

April 3, 2017

“We too participate in the reduction of faith to feelings or ethics. This happens not only when Christianity is no longer proposed according to its nature as an event, but also when something of the human is lacking within us. In fact, there is on big inconvenience to Christianity: It requires human beings in order for it to be recognized and lived.” (Carron, Disarming Beauty)

Ouch! How much more brutal can it get? So often I find myself in the camp- relying on feelings instead of reality. What is before me? What am I actually experiencing? And what are just my feelings towards the situation? How often do i overlook the humanity involved based on a principle.

I often cut people off because they don’t make an effort or don’t seem to care, but where is the humanity in that? How am I helping the to encounter reality when I won’t even try to meet them where they are at (how every difficult that may be.)

I know I do not want to contribute to this watered down Christianity. I want to be fully alive, and to welcome others into that fold too. Even the people I don’t like, or the people I’m not close with. I need to put the humanity back into this Christianity I have been living.

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