The Christian’s Moral Tension

March 20, 2017

“… life is a journey, a travelling towards a goal, where at the end of all problems lies the total solution- not our work, but God’s.” (Carron, The Religious Sense)

Not our work, but God’s. Holy crap how i needed this. This ultimate pilgrimage of life so easily becomes something I tie my value to. Did I do enough? Have I become enough? Will I be remembered for doing something good? Does any of it matter though? In some ways- yes. When I allow God to use me to accomplish his goals, then YES!

Important and good stuff happening. But when its all about me? I definitely need to take a step back and realize that I am but one small drop in a sea of people making a difference. This is not only a good thing, it was how it was meant to be. And that should bring comfort as well as a strong sense of purpose.

I am here to rebuild a broken world. How have you helped this week?

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