Homemade Date Night

March 13, 2017

OKAY! You caught me. I cheated a little bit. I definitely bought the sushi from the Chinese place around the block. But the cute Anthropologie plate and the plan to surprise my husband with a date night in were all my own.

My husband loves sushi. I will only eat ONE specific kind (rice, avocado and seaweed wrap). This does not make for the easiest sushi night; but there I was, ordering exotic rolls hoping he would like them.

I plated them on fancy Anthro plates, poured a glass of wine and welcomed him to date night. He loved every second of it, and we got to spend a few moments together.

It can be so hard to get quality time these days. Nights at home with fancy plates and a glass of wine are some our favorites, and really help us to get out of the box with loving each other.

Do you have any fun ways to spend quality time with the ones you love? I’d love to add more to our list!

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