The Work of Every Man

March 6, 2017

“In a history in which God has become flesh as the proof of his love for men, to be committed to the problems time presents us is the first form of charity.” (Carron, The Religious Sense)

Face to face interactions are so rare these days. I spend so much time skyping people, texting people, and liking their Instagram posts on command. This strong sense of community is fascinating because it is built upon the fact that we never actually have to see each other. If this is how it is in our virtual “happy” worlds how much more so is it in the virtual version of the real world?

News stories move so quickly under our thumbs that we don’t even stop to think if we could help someone face to face. how many times have I seen a friend in need and scrolled past in the exact same way I scroll past a world crisis? Sure meeting for coffee may not solve immigration woes, but it can help to help rebuild a broken heart.

I am going to try to commit to the problems placed before me- to be a better neighbor and friend. How does this form of charity apply in your life?

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