Facilitating Aspects of Truly Lived Freedom

February 27, 2017

“solutions ot our problems must strive to maintain a kind of humanity. They must include all aspects, a balanced solution, stability in the resulting solution, and afterwards fertility. And if this humanity is overlooked in some of its aspects, something of this construction could collapse, threatening to bury man himself under its rubble.” (Carron, The Religious Sense)

Humanity. We live in not only a time, but a society where this is so easily overlooked. This line reallys truck me this week, because so very often I forget that there are people behind stories and causes. I change the news from one horror story to the next and quickly scroll through news apps; scanning for alarming facts and haunting stats just to check on the state of this hardened world.

But oh how I forget that behind every number and every story is a face, a name and a family. It would do me a lot of god to remember that there are real people involved in this cruel and messy world and that in remembering the people I can truky strive to make this world a more lovely place.

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