The Best Position for Facing Human Problems

February 6, 2017

“But all of us feel the brunt of problems which are the fabric of our days and our every hour- problems large and small, and if there’s any impetus which marks all our lives, it is the impetus to resolve these problems.” (Carron, The Religious Sense)

Problems abound and they always will. I always have this really strong desire to FIX ALL THE PROBLEMS. But I am only one, lowly person who cannot fix the world over night. There are so many problems, and so many hurts. They all hit me in the face every day- the immigrant crisis, the refugee crisis, healthcare issues, homelessness, administrations at universities, fights with family members, deadlines, crunch time, not taking care of myself, stubbing my toe. Big and small, problems abound and I just cant resolve them all. This “problem” is the story of life. So I typically try to resolve just one thing at a time, to the best of my ability. Often I fail, but always I try.

Do you have a current problem you are facing with bravery?

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