Dear Twenty-Something


October 25, 2015

25 October 2015

Dear Twenty- Something,

“Youth cannot know how age thinks and feels. But old men are guilty if they forget what it was to be young.” _- J.K Rowling


I see you. Eating Chips and Salsa as your meal or the eight time this weekend (and yes for the record that broccoli that you sautéed last night totally counts). Hair, one day greasy, slicked back into a giant messy bun with one or two fly aways you’ve just dang given up on. Hoping beyond hope that no one is questioning those saggy yoga pants that haven’t been washed in three days because the cardigan and dress shirt are distracting them.

I hear your whispered prayer, begging God to let you make it to the end of your shift so you can crawl into bed, turn on netflix and drink a beer.

I feel your desperation, as you wonder if you’ve turned into a zombie  yet and how the hell did you become one of those people who NEEDS sleep?

You are doing okay. Sure, your house looks like a war zone, and its weird to be living in that house with the new roommate gone all week but you’re doing okay.

Exhaustion will pass and that warm bed and cold beer will wait for you. Keep your head up. All things new are scary and overwhelming. Let others help you. You cannot do it alone, no matter how hard you try.

And cut those older people some slack. They trivialize what you are going through because they forget what it’s like to be in this moment. You can roll your eyes and be upset, but why let it bother you? Yes, it sucks and they are at fault for forgetting, but let it be a lesson for you NOT to forget.

Don’t let yourself be bitter. Fit it. Absolutely fight it. There is joy to be had to HAVE IT!

PS- while you are riding the adrenaline high of finishing a major task, take off your bra  and do the things that will make tomorrow easier (aka dishes and laundry).

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