Dear Twenty-Something

    One Hell of a Ride

    March 22, 2019

    22 March 2019

    Dear Twenty- Something,

    “No matter how much it hurts, no matter how hard it gets, you gotta keep grinding.”- Dean Winchester

    Do you remember the summer before you went to High School? Feverish with strep, you grabbed a blanket and went down to the basement to sleep in the cool dark, and to do what you always did when you were sick, watch endless TNT and drink lemonade.

    In a twist of fate you didn’t even know would get to you, reruns for a show you had never seen before came on after your mandatory Angel and Charmed watching, and you sat there, intrigued and maybe slightly horrified. That woman was pinned to the ceiling and the house burned down. The dad disappeared on a hunting trip? What is up with this cool car? Who are these cute actors?! The rest of the summer was spent watching as much of this show as you could, however you could find it (I believe you still have a season on DVD- does anyone even use those any more?).

    And down the rabbit hole you fell.

    School was always interesting for you. Anything relating to words always came very easily for you. But anything related to numbers, clearly did not. Geometry nearly killed you (but hey! You totally made it- great job!). And those people taking pre-calc before graduating? You knew you’d never be one of them.

    But suddenly you had a constant. When you had to stay up late to study for yet another exam, or write another paper, you pulled up the monster slaying duo and entered your own world, able to focus on what you needed to get done.

    When you went to college, school got harder, and with that, focusing became even harder. You couldn’t understand- your grades were fine before, why all of a sudden (I mean looking back you did go to business school… there was a lot of math… that was probably the problem =p) things were so difficult.

    Late nights, headphones in, carry on my wayward son and a story of brothers. The only way you got through. But no one understood watching tv while doing homework.

    Then there was an ADHD diagnoses. And things made sense. And when you told the doctor you did better work when you were watching Supernatural he told you to watch it as much as you wanted. These were called coping mechanisms. This is how YOU focus. This is how YOU will do better.

    Test after test, paper after paper, the grades got higher. The GPA went up, and your confidence went with it.

    These scenes became so familiar that you could recite them in your sleep. You could “watch” an episode only by listening to it, and you knew when Sam was talking, when Dean was talking, when Crowley, Bobby, Cas, Rowena, John, Mary, Jodi was talking. These were familiar faces and brought peace and harmony to an otherwise scrambled brain.

    Grad school is coming to a close, and you were wondering what it would be like to not do homework while watching your show. Would your mind even compute what was happening?

    One more season. One season to just sit and enjoy, and not have any need to do homework. A fitting send off for your people.

    As the transitions start rolling in, know that this will always be your safe place. When it’s just too hard to focus, go ahead. Pick a random episode and start from there. Enjoy the ride all over again.

    Never give up. Never stop doing your best. And always be appreciative of the gift that is Supernatural.

    Cheers SPN Fam! It’s been a hell of a ride.


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